How do I log into my client’s account as a reseller?

When a Client account is created, the Reseller should receive an email about the creation of the account with an Editor account for the Reseller to log into. The username of this editor account will join the Reseller's username and the Client's username with _for_ between them. The email address for this Editor account is the same as the email address for the Reseller's account on unless it has been changed since the creation of the Client.

Method 1:

There are two ways to log into the Client's account using this Editor account. First, the simplest way, is to log into the Reseller account on, choose the Client's account from the list, and press the login button at the top of the Edit Client form. Once logged in, remember to always log out of the Client account on before trying to log in for another Client. If the previous Client account is still logged in, it will take the Reseller back to that account instead of the newer one until there is a log out for the previous Client account.

Method 2:

The second way to log in to a Client's account is to go to and use the username and password for the Editor account. The password can also be reset using the username and email address for the Editor account.