Company Profile


Enter and view company related data. The information is used throughout the application. Entering data only once reduces the total amount of time needed to produce required reports and documents.


Enter data on the Company Profile form before any other data entry form. The information entered here is needed for most of the other forms, for example the type of business entity determines the information that's gathered and the information that's generated in reports and documents. The required data fields are marked with a red asterisk to the left of the text box. Information must be entered into these text boxes in order for all the information to be saved.

At the top of the form to the right of the drop down menus are the buttons for the Business Licenses and Doing Business As forms.

Clicking the Business Licenses button opens the Business Licenses form.

This form is used to store the companies' business licenses.

Clicking the Doing Business As button opens the Doing Business As form.

This form allows the user to store up to ten alternate names for the company.