Full Stock Register


Record initial offerings and stock trades for the selected company for up to three types of ownership and view all transactions, record dividends, and audit trails.

Owner Register Overview

The Full Stock Register starts with the Owner Register. From this form the user can access all of the Stock Register forms, print reports, and perform other necessary functions.

Create Transaction Overview

Transactions must first be created with the Create Transaction form. This form is used to create initial transactions or sell to buyer transactions.

Once transactions have been created they can be viewed on the Certificates form.

Certificates Overview

Scroll to the right to view transaction details or double click a certificate record and another form opens where certificate details can be viewed. Certain data can be modified, as long as it doesn't affect other transactions. When a certificate is selected the transaction can be viewed by pressing either the View Transaction button. Certificates can be downloaded as PDFs for printing by pressing the Download Certificates button and choosing which certificates to download.

In order to perform an audit trail from the current certificate owner back to the initial offering open the Transactions form.

Transactions Overview

Double click a certificate in the Replaced Certificates grid and the preceding transaction that contains that certificate will appear. Double click a certificate in the Replaced by Certificate grid and the transaction that follows it will appear. The list of dates on the left can also be used to navigate through transactions.

Dividends Overview

In order to create dividends follow the directions at the top of the form.

After dividends have been added, click a date in the left column to view data for the dividend dispensed on that date.