Contracts & Agreements Documents

Assignment of Stock
Assignment of Assets - Gives Control of Assets to a Third Party
Assignment of Contract
Assignment of Contract to Sell Land
Assignment of Copyrights
Assignment of Debt Letter
Assignment of Lease
Assignment of Money Due
Assignment of Note
Assignment of Receivable
Consent to Assignment Agreement
Seller's Assignment of Rights

Employee Reimbursement Agreement
Confidential Information Agreement
Employment Agreement for Director
Employment Agreement for Officer
Independent Contractor Agreement
Invention Agreement
Involuntary Discharge From Employment
Non-Compete Agreement - Employee
Non-Compete Agreement ( Specific Accounts ) - Employee
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Offer of Employment
Rejection Letter
Request for Employment Reference
Save and Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
Security Agreement
Suspension Notice
Warning Notice

Professional Resources, Acct, Law, etc.
Appointment of Attorneys
Certificate of Acceptance of Appointment by Resident Agent
Engaging New Accountant
Replacing Old and Appointing New Attorneys
Replacing Old and Engaging New Accountant
Revocation of Power of Attorney

Agreement to Execute Lease
Agreement to Sell Business
Agreement to Sell Business Property
Amendment to Lease
Blanket Authority to Sell Corporate Organization Property
Cancellation of Lease
Commercial Lease
Consignment Agreement
Indemnity Agreement - Save and Hold Harmless
Lease of Personal Property
Notice - Cancel Order
Notice to Exercise Lease Option
Notice to Terminate Tenancy At Will ( Landlord )
Notice to Terminate Tenant-At-Will ( Tenant )
Occupancy Agreement
Real Estate Broker's Agreement
Real Estate Note
Rent - Notice of Non-Payment - Quit Premises
Save and Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement for Sale of C-Corporation
Seller's Agreement to Repurchase
Seller's Assignment of Rights
Short Form of Lease ( Residential )

Agreement to Compromise Debt
Independent Contractor Agreement
Joint Venture Agreement
Security Agreement
Subscription Agreement for Stock