Director Resolutions Documents

Director Resolutions
401K Retirement Plan Approval
Acceptance of Director Resignation
Acceptance of Officer Resignation
Adopt Corporate Organization Seal
Adopt Amendment to Articles of Incorporation
Adopt Trade Name
Adopt Trademark
Advising Amendment of By-Laws
Advising Amendment of By-Laws, Directors
Advising Amendment of Articles of Incorporation
Advising Amendment of Articles of Incorporation by Board of Directors
Appointment of Director
Appointment of Officer
Appointment of Attorneys
Approve Employee Scholarship Benefits
Approve Life Insurance Benefits
Approve of Officer Bonuses
Assignment of Copyrights
Assignment of Debt Letter
Assignment of Lease
Assignment of Money Due
Assignment of Note
Assignment of Receivable
Authority to Amend By-Laws
Authority to Amend By-Laws, Directors
Authority to Appoint Resident Agent
Authority to Conduct Business on Behalf of the C-Corporation
Authority to Make Purchases, Officers
Authorization for Opening a Bank Account
Authorization of Bank Signature
Authorization to Issue Capital Stock
Authorization to Make Trades in Brokerage Account
Authorizing Officer to Open Credit Card Account
Authorizing Documents to Make the Company a Sub Chapter "S" Corporation
Authorizing Documents to No Longer Qualify as a Sub Chapter "S" Corporation
Authorizing Documents to No Longer Qualify as a Sub Chapter S Corporation
Authorizing Loans to Officer
Authorizing Reimbursement to Officers
Blanket Authority to Sell Corporate Organization Property
Borrowing Funds
Cafeteria Plan of Benefits - Adopt
Calling for Repayment of Salary Declared Unreasonable
Cash Bonus Approval
Declaring the C-Corporation to be a Close Corporation
Declaring the C-Corporation to be a Professional Corporation
Declaring the C-Corporation to be an IRS Section 1244
Educational Loan Program Approval
Employee Benefit Plan
Employee Loan Program Approval
Engaging New Accountant
Establish Corporate Organization Stock Option Plan
Execution of Lease
Fixing Attendance Fees for Directors
General Director Resolution
Granting Stock Option to Officer or Director
Issue Release
Lease Motor Vehicles
Lease of Equipment
Lease of Personal Property
Leasing Corporate Organization Offices
Officers' Authority to Make Purchases
Option Plan - Stock
Option Plan, Corporate Organization Stock
Pension Plan
Pension Plan Approval
Purchase Real Estate
Qualify as a Foreign C-Corporation
Replacing Old and Appointing New Attorneys
Replacing Old and Engaging New Accountant
Resolution, Director
Salary Declared Unreasonable - Calling for Repayment of
Setting Aside Shares of Stock for a Stock Option Plan
Setting Salary
Severance Benefit Plan
Simplified Employee Pension Plan
Stating Corporate Organization Dividend Policy
Stating Officers' Salaries