Documents – Alphabetical

Acceptance Of Appointment As Director
Acceptance Of Director's Resignation
Acceptance Of Office By Officer
Acceptance Of Officer's Resignation
Acknowledgement Of Receipt Of Goods
Adopt A Severance Benefit Plan
Adopt Amendment To Articles
Adopt Cafeteria Plan of Benefits
Adopt Corporate Seal
Adopt Employee Benefit Plan
Adopt Trade Name
Affidavit And Waiver Of Right Of Rescission
Agreement To Compromise Debt
Agreement To Execute Lease
Agreement To Sell Business
Agreement To Sell Business Property
Amendment To Lease
Appoint A Purchasing Agent
Appointment Of Director
Appointment Of Officer
Approve 401K Retirement Plan
Approve A Simplified Employee Pension Plan
Approve Cash Bonus
Approve Educational Loan Program
Approve Employee Loan Program
Approve Employee Scholarship Benefits
Approve Life Insurance Benefits
Approve Officer Bonuses
Approve Pension Plan
Articles of Incorporation
Assignment Of Assets - Gives Control Of Assets To A Third Party
Assignment Of Contract
Assignment Of Contract To Sell Land
Assignment Of Copyrights
Assignment Of Debt Letter
Assignment Of Lease
Assignment Of Money Due
Assignment Of Note
Assignment Of Receivable
Assignment Of Stock
Authority to Amend Bylaws
Authority To Conduct Business On Behalf Of The Company
Authorization For Opening A Bank Account
Authorization Of Bank Signature
Authorization To Issue Capital Stock
Authorization To Make Trades In Brokerage Account
Authorizing Loans to Officer
Authorizing Opening of Bank Account

Bad Check Letter
Bill Of Sale ( General Form )
Bill Of Sale ( With Encumbrances )
Bill Of Sale ( Without Warranties )
Bill Of Sale For Motor Vehicle
Bill Of Sale Of Business
Blanket Authority to Amend Articles of Incorporation
Blanket Authority To Amend Articles
Blanket Authority To Amend Bylaws
Blanket Authority To Amend Operating Agreement
Blanket Authority To Sell Corporate Property
Board Of Directors Advising Amendment Of Articles
Board Of Directors Advising Amendment Of Bylaws
Board Of Directors' Authority To Amend Articles
Board Of Directors' Resolution
Borrowing Funds
Bulk Sales Affidavit
Bulk Sales Agreement

Cancellation Of Lease
Certificate Of Acceptance Of Appointment By Resident Agent
Certificate Of Amendment
Certificate Of Amendment Of Bylaws
Certificate Of Amendment Of Operating Agreement
Certificate Of Corporate Vote
Certificate Of Dissolution
Change Number Of Authorized Shares
Change Of Name
Commence Litigation
Commercial Lease
Confidential Information Agreement
Consent Of Stockholders To Discontinue Using The Sub Chapter 'S' Status
Consent To Assignment Agreement
Consignment Agreement

Defend Suit
Demand For Goods
Discharge Of Security Interest

Employee Invention Agreement
Employee Non-Compete Agreement
Employee Non-Compete Agreement (Specific Accounts)
Employee Reimbursement Agreement
Employment Agreement - Director
Employment Agreement - Officer
Escrow Agreement For Bulk Sales
Establishing Non-Voting Stock
Establishing Preferred Stock
Execution Of Lease

Firm Offer To Sell

General Proxy
General Release
General Stockholders' Resolution
Granting Stock Option To an Officer Or Director

Independent Contractor Agreement
Installment Agreement to Pay Debt
Involuntary Discharge From Employment
Irrevocable Proxy
Issue Release

Lease Equipment
Lease Motor Vehicles
Lease Of Personal Property
Letter Demand By Secured Party For Possession Of Collateral
Letter Demand For Collateral
Letter Demand For Payment
Letter Demand On Guarantor
Letter Final Notice Before Legal Action
Letter Notice Delinquent Account
Letter Notice Delinquent Account Turned Over To Collection
Letter Notice Non-Payment Of Rent
Letter Notice Of Default
List Of Attendees Of First Shareholders Meeting
List Of Stockholders Attending Special Meeting
Loan Purpose Affidavit

Medical Care Reimbursement Plan
Memorandum Of Expenses
Minutes Of Annual Meeting Of Stockholders
Minutes Of Annual Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
Minutes Of First Meeting Of The Board Of Directors
Minutes Of First Shareholders Meeting
Minutes Of General Meeting Of Directors
Minutes Of Special Board Of Directors Meeting
Minutes Of Special Shareholders Meeting
Mutual Releases

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Notice By Seller Of Commencement Of Performance
Notice Of Annual Directors Meeting
Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Stockholders
Notice Of Breach Of Warranty
Notice Of Buyer's Disposition Of Rightfully Rejected Goods
Notice Of Defective Goods
Notice Of Election To Return
Notice Of First Directors Meeting
Notice of First Meeting of Owners
Notice Of First Shareholders Meeting
Notice Of General Meeting Of Directors
Notice Of Non-Conforming Goods
Notice Of Rejection Of Goods
Notice Of Special Meeting Of Directors
Notice Of Special Meeting Of Stockholders
Notice That Delivery Will Not Be Made
Notice To Accept Non-Conforming Goods
Notice to Creditors - Payment In Full
Notice To Exercise Lease Option
Notice To Terminate Tenancy At Will (Landlord)
Notice To Terminate Tenant-At-Will (Tenant)
Notice-Cancel Order
Notice-Disputed Balance

Obtain Trademark/Servicemark
Occupancy Agreement
Offer Of Employment
Officers' Consent For Repayment Of Compensation Declared Unreasonable
Operating Agreement
President's Report Of Death Benefit Contract Recommendations
President's Report Of Loan Recommendations
Promissory Note
Promissory Note - Balloon
Promissory Note - Demand
Promissory Note - Series
Promissory Note (Interest)
Promissory Note-Guaranty
Proxy For Annual Meeting Of Stockholders
Proxy For First Shareholders Meeting
Proxy Special Meeting Of Stockholders
Purchase of Real Estate

Qualify As A Foreign Corporation
Ratification Of Annual Meeting
Ratification Of First Meeting
Ratification Of First Meeting by One Director
Ratification Of First Meeting by All Owners
Ratification Of General Meeting
Ratification Of Meeting
Ratification Of Organization Meeting
Ratification Of Special Meeting
Real Estate Broker's Agreement
Real Estate Note
Receipt - General Form
Receipt (Specific)
Rejection Letter
Repayment of Salary Declared Unreasonable
Request For Employment Reference
Resignation As Director
Resignation Of Officer
Resolution Authorizing Documents To Make The Corporation A Subchapter S
Resolution Authorizing Documents To No Longer Qualify As A Chapter S Corporation
Resolution Authorizing Loans To Officer
Resolution Authorizing Officer To Open Credit Card Account
Resolution Authorizing Reimbursement To Officer
Resolution Calling For Repayment Of Salary Declared Unreasonable
Resolution Declaring The Corporation To Be An IRS Section 1244
Resolution Declaring The Corporation To Be A Close Corp
Resolution Declaring The Corporation To Be A Professional Corporation
Resolution Fixing Attendance Fees For Directors
Resolution For A Corporate Stock Option Plan
Resolution For Appointment Of Attorneys
Resolution For Authority To Appoint Resident Agent
Resolution For Borrowing Funds
Resolution For Engaging New Accountant
Resolution For Leasing Corporate Offices
Resolution For Setting Aside Shares Of Stock For A Stock Option Plan
Resolution On Board Of Directors' Authority To Amend Bylaws
Resolution On Officers Authority To Make Purchases
Resolution Replacing Old And Appointing New Attorneys
Resolution Replacing Old And Engaging New Accountant
Resolution Skipping Dividends
Resolution Stating Corporation's Dividend Policy
Resolution Stating Officers' Salaries
Resolution Terminating Officers' Salaries
Resolution to Establish Stock Option Plan
Revocation Of Power Of Attorney

Sample Stock Certificate #1
Sample Stock Certificate with Restrictions
Save And Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement For Sales Of Corporation
Save-Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement
Security Agreement
Seller's Agreement To Repurchase
Seller's Assignment Of Rights
Seller's Confirmation of Order
Seller's Demand That Buyer Specify Breach
Seller's Instructions To Buyer of Rejected Goods
Seller's Offer To Accommodate Buyer By Shipment Of Non-Conforming Goods
Setting Salary
Settlement Offer On Disputed Account
Shareholders Approving Amendment Of Articles
Short Form Of Lease (Residential)
Specific Release
Stock Option Agreement
Stock Subscription Agreement
Stockholders Approving Amendment Of Bylaws
Suspension Notice

Terminate Foreign Corporation Status
Terminate S Corporation Status

Waiver Of Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Directors
Waiver Of Notice Of Annual Meeting Of Stockholders
Waiver Of Notice Of First Meeting Of Board Of Directors
Waiver Of Notice Of First Shareholders Meeting
Waiver Of Notice Of General Meeting Of Directors
Waiver Of Notice Of Special Meeting Of Board Of Directors
Waiver Of Notice Of Special Meeting Of Stockholders
Warning Notice