Officer & Director Documents

Director Appointments and Resignations
Acceptance of Director Resignation
Acceptance of Appointment as Director
Appointment of Director
Employment Agreement for Director
Resignation as Director

Officers Authority to Make Purchases
President's Report of Death Benefit Contract Recommendations
President's Report of Loan Recommendations
Acceptance of Officer Resignation
Acceptance of Appointment as Director
Acceptance of Office by Officer
Appointment of Director
Appointment of Officer
Approve of Officer Bonuses
Authority to Amend By-Laws
Authority to Make Purchases, Officers
Authorization for Opening a Bank Account
Authorization of Bank Signature
Authorizing Officer to Open Credit Card Account
Authorizing Loans to Officer
Authorizing Reimbursement to Officers
Consent for Repayment of Compensation Declared Unreasonable
Employment Agreement for Officer
Granting Stock Option to Officer or Director
Granting Stock Option to an Officer or Director
Resignation of Officer
Setting Aside Shares of Stock for a Stock Option Plan
Stating Officers' Salaries
Terminating Officers' Salaries