Basic Owner Register

Use the ‘Basic Owner Register’ when ownership is static and there are not ownership transactions that need to be tracked. A more extensive owner register can be used when ownership is traded and owner transactions need to be tracked.


Opening the Basic Owner Register

The ‘Owner Register’ can be opened from the ‘Navigation’ bar to the left side of the webpage. (If the more extensive version of the register appears when the ‘Owner Data’ option is selected, the type of register can be changed using the client or reseller account settings.)


Create New Owner Records

The first time the owner roster opens it is empty. Select one of the three types of owners, i.e. ‘Individual Owers’, ‘Group Owners’, or ‘Tracked Companies’ (see below).

If the owner is an individual, select the name of the person from the ‘Individual Owners’ list,

If the owner is a group, select the name of the group from the ‘Group Owners’ list.

If the owner is a company tracked on the ‘Company Profile’, select the name from the ‘Tracked Companies’ list.

If the name of an owner does not appear in the pull-down list, it is because the name of the individual or group has not been identified as being associated with the selected company. (The names of all the companies from the ‘Company Profile’ will be in the ‘Tracked Companies’ pull-down.) If an individual owner’s name is missing, it can be fixed by opening the ‘People Profile’ form, selecting the name of the person in the top list, and then check marking the name of the company where the person is an owner in the bottom list. Do the same for the ‘Group Owners’ form if a group is not in the ‘Group Owners’ pull-down list.

After selecting an owner’s name on the register, press the ‘Add Owner’ button.

The owner’s name will appear in the list of owners (see below). Select the owner’s name and enter the number of shares, units, etc. held for each of the types of ownership that the company has.

Press the ‘Save Ownership Data’ button to commit changes to the online database. The ‘Total Outstanding for Each Type’ calculation will be updated.

Delete Owner Record:
To delete an owner record, select an owner name in the list of owners and press the ‘Delete Owner’ button. Press the ‘Save Ownership Data’ button to commit changes to the online database. The ‘Total Outstanding for Each Type’ calculation will be updated.

Save Owner Records:
Press the ‘Save Ownership Data’ button and all unsaved changes will be committed to the database. It is a good practice to regularly press the ‘Save Ownership Data’ button. A security feature will log out if the mouse button has not been pressed for 30 minutes. There is a warning, but if data is not saved prior to the logout, unsaved data will be lost.


Enter Total Ownership Authorized

The number of authorized shares or units of ownership for the selected company is stored at the bottom of the form. Enter authorized amounts for each type of ownership as well as the ‘Par Value’ and the amount of ‘Initial Capital’. These amounts are inserted into documents.



Certificates can be created for each owner and each type of ownership. (Currently the graphic in the background of certificates cannot be changed but there are plans for adding functionality that will permit changes. One option will be to remove the background, so text can be added to pre-printed certificates.)

Modify Certificate Text: Certificate template text can be modified. Press the ‘Edit Certificate Text’ button on the simple owner register and this form will open.

There is default text is in each of the boxes. Change the text as needed.

There are six placeholders for data from the database that can be inserted into the certificate text. Drag and drop placeholders as needed. To delete a placeholder, select it and press the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard.

Press the ‘Save Certificate Text’ button to save change to the online database. To discard changes, press the ‘Close’ button without pressing the ‘Save Certificate Text’ button.

Download Certificates: Press one of the three ‘Download Certificates’ buttons on the basic owner register to start the download process. The form below will appear. Check mark the certificates to be downloaded.

Press the ‘Download Certificates’ button (see above) and a PDF file containing the marked certificates will be saved to your default download location. The certificates will be in landscape layout with one per page.


Report Menu

One report can be accessed from the reports menu.

Reports – Current Owner Shares