Company Profile Business Licenses

The business license form is for convenience. It is not required.


Opening the Business License Form

Press the ‘Business License’ button at the top of the ‘Company Profile’ to open the ‘Business License’ form (see below).
If no records have been entered, the textboxes are disabled and inaccessible.

Create a New Record: Press the ‘New’ button at the top of the form to add a record (see below). Select one of the ‘Type of License’ options and the data fields will change to accommodate the selected license type.

Save Records: Fields with an asterisk are required before a record can be saved. Press the ‘Save’ button before adding a new record or leaving the form or the changes will not be saved.

Delete Record: Press the ‘Delete’ button at the top of the form to delete a record.


Enter Business License Data

One, two, four, or twelve date boxes will appear depending on the selected ‘Type of Fees’. Enter the tax due date(s).


Business License Navigation Bars

To find license and tax records, select the company name in the ‘View All Companies’ list. The licenses that have been entered for the selected company will appear in the ‘View Business Licenses’ list. Select one of the licenses and information for the selected license will appear on the form.