Company Profile for Reseller

It is important that data be entered on the ‘Company Profile’ first, before entering data anywhere else. Most of the information in BizDoc Online is linked to a company record.


Opening the Company Profile

The ‘Company Profile’ can be opened from the ‘Navigation’ toolbar on the left side of the web page.


New, Save, Delete Buttons

These buttons are located near the top of the ‘Company Profile’.


Create New Company Record: When there are no company records in the ‘Company Profile’, the textboxes are disabled, shaded, and not selectable. To create a new company record, press the ‘New’ button and the textboxes become enabled.

Save Company Records: Press the ‘Save’ button and all unsaved changes will be committed to the database. It is good to press the ‘Save’ button often. A security feature logs out when there is not a mouse click for 30 minutes. There is a warning, but if data is not saved prior to the logout, it will be lost.

Delete Company Record: Press the ‘Delete’ button to remove the selected company record. Other data specific to the company, including meeting records, owner records, etc. will also become inaccessible. (It may be possible to retrieve deleted data using Client or Reseller Account options.)


Enter Company Data

A red asterisk following a label indicates data is required. Data must be entered in these fields before a record can be saved.

The ‘State/Province’ label (see above) is underlined to indicate additional functionality. Clicking the label will cause the list of pull-down states and provinces to change to a textbox for an international address. The label changes to ‘International’, and clicking it will cause the pull-down list of states and provinces to return.

The ‘Website’ label is highlighted after a valid web address is entered. Clicking the label will open the corresponding website.

The ‘Email Address’ label is highlighted when a valid email address is entered. Clicking the label will open an email application with the email address in the ‘TO’ field.

When a company has ownership in one of the other companies on the ‘Company Profile’, a representative can be assigned to receive announcements, etc. and to represent the owning company at owner meetings (see above). The pull-down list contains the names of people from the ‘People Profile’ who are associated with the selected company. There is an option (see above) to indicate whether the representative’s name should appear on owner meeting attendance lists.

Most states require that a company’s financial and ownership records be accessible. If the location of records is the same as the company’s physical location, press the ‘Same as Main Address’ button to insert the main address (see above).

‘Credit Bureau’ data is for convenience only and it is not required. The labels are highlighted (see above) to indicate that clicking the label will open the credit bureau’s website.

The date and state, province, or territory of incorporation, organization, or formation are used in documents and elsewhere in this application (see above).

The last item on the form, the mailing address, is inserted into documents and reports. If the address is the same as the physical address, press the ‘Same as Main Address’ button and the physical address is inserted (see above).


Company Navigation List

The navigation list is located to the right of the form. Select a company name in the ‘View All Companies’ list to quickly move from one company record to another. There are sort and search options on the list (see below).


Data Forms Menu

The ‘Data Forms’ menu provides quick access to data entry forms.


Report Menu

Two reports can be accessed from the ‘Reports’ menu on the ‘Company Profile’.
Reports – List of Companies

Reports – Profile for Selected Company