Company Profile Tools

The ‘Tools’ menu options open forms that change entity titles and terms related to entity types (described below).


Modify Entity Types

The name for a type of entity may be different depending on the requirements of a state, province, or territory. It is important that the changed name is for the same type of entity and not a totally different entity type. The term is inserted into documents designed for a certain type of entity. Changing the type of entity, rather than the term for a specific entity type, will invalidate documents.


Modify Terms for Type of Entity

Terms related to an entity type can also be changed. Select the entity type from the pull-down list at the top of the form and then make changes as needed. Changes can be reverted to the default by pressing the ‘Reset to Default’ button. When finished, press the ‘Apply’ button to commit changes to the database.


Modify Terms for Selected Company

If terms are different for a company but not all companies, the terms can be changed on this form. Start by selecting the name of the company from the drop-down menu at the top of the form. When finished press the ‘Apply’ button to save changes.