Create Documents Tools


Tools Menu

There are three items for documents that can be uploaded or modified.


Tools – Edit Letterhead:

A letterhead graphic can be uploaded to the database to be included in documents. To get size and location of the letterhead to appear as it should is essentially a trial and error process.
For documents that are to be printed on letterhead paper, entering enough returns to drop the first line of text below the letterhead may be all that is needed.


Tools – Edit Seal:

The seal is often considered the signature of the entity. If an embossed seal is stamped on documents, this option can be ignored. The word “SEAL” is the default text that is inserted. The “SEAL” text can be replaced using this dialog:


Tools – Edit Notary Statement:

A notary statement might be needed for some documents that require proof of who is signing it. The default text shown here can be changed using this dialog: