Download Stock Certificates

Download Certificates

Press the ‘Download Certificates’ button at the bottom of the Certificates page to open a dialog where individual certificates can be selected (see below).

Check mark the certificates to be downloaded and then press the ‘Download Stock Certificates’ button (see above). A PDF file containing all the certificates will be downloaded to the local computer’s default download location.


Edit Certificate Text

The certificate text can be modified. Press the ‘Edit Certificate Text’ button (see above) and the edit form appears (see below).

There is default text in each of the three textboxes (see above). Change the text as needed.

There are six placeholders in the ‘Draggable Data Placeholders’ box on the left side of the form that can be dragged to any location in the three textboxes on the right. Matching data from the database will be inserted at the location of the placeholders. To delete a placeholder, select it and press the ‘Delete’ key on the local keyboard.

Press the ‘Save Certificate Text’ button to save change to the database and then press the ‘Close’ button (see above). To discard changes, press the ‘Close’ button without pressing the ‘Save Certificate Text’ button.