Group Owners for Client

Group owners include individuals, companies, and groups that have shared ownership in one or more of the companies on the ‘Company Profile’.


Opening Group Owners

The ‘Group Owners’ form can be opened from the ‘Navigation’ bar on the left side of the web page.


New, Delete, Save, and Navigation Buttons

These buttons are located near the top and bottom of the ‘Group Owners’ form. The navigation buttons skip to the first, prior, next, and last record.


Create New Group Owner Record
When no records exist in the ‘Group Owner’ form, textboxes are disabled. To create a new record, press the ‘New’ button. Textboxes become enabled and data can be entered.

Delete a Group Owner Record
Press the ‘Delete’ button to remove the selected record. Deleting the record will delete other data directly related to the group owner record. (It may be possible to retrieve deleted data using Client or Reseller account options.)

Save Group Owner Records
Press the ‘Save’ button to commit unsaved changes to the database. It is a good practice to press the ‘Save’ button often. A security feature logs out if the mouse button has not been pressed for 30 minutes. There is a warning, but when data has not been saved prior to the logout, unsaved data will be lost.


Group Detail

A red asterisk after a label indicates required data that must be entered before a record can be saved.

A group’s representative must be included in the ‘People Profile’ for the person’s name to appear in the pull-down list for ‘Ownership Representative’ (see above). The person’s email address from the ‘People Profile’ is used to send notices and other documents. Click the option to include or exclude the representative’s name from owner meeting attendance.

Group Owner and Company Lists: Select a group name from the top list and then checkmark each company name in the bottom list that the group is an owner of. Only groups that have a company name checked will appear on the ‘Owner Register’ for the company’s ownership.


Group Navigation List

The ‘View All Group Owners’ list is on the right side of the form. Select the name of a different group to quickly move between records. There are filters and search options below the list.


Report Menu

There are two reports that can be accessed from the ‘Reports’ menu.

Reports – Profile for Group Owner

Reports – List of All Group Owners