Mobile Access and Viewers for Reseller

A viewer can access meeting records and saved documents from mobile devices and a variety of computer platforms, but can't do any editing of data.


Add/Edit Viewers for a Company

To be added as a viewer, the name of an individual must first be added to the database and linked to one or more companies using the ‘People Profile’. The roles and responsibilities of the person in each associated company needs to be identified on the ‘Titles and Responsibilities’ form. If, for example, no one is identified as a ‘Director’ for the selected company, the ‘Add/Edit Viewer’ form will be empty when the ‘Director’ category is selected (see below).

Once data for potential viewers has been entered on the ‘People Profile’ and ‘Titles and Responsibilities’ forms, a company name can be selected from the pull-down list at the top of the form and one of the categories can be selected. For example, if Alexandra’s Jewelry and ‘Owners’ are selected, the names of the owners for Alexandra’s Jewelry appear on the right side of the form. Viewer names can then be check marked (see below).

Press the ‘Save Viewers’ button to commit changes to the database after check marking viewer names.


Delete Viewer for a Company

To remove a viewer for a company, select the name of the company from the left hand sidebar and then select the name of the viewer from the pull-down list underneath the list of companies in the left hand sidebar. Press the ‘Delete Viewer’ button (see below).

To reactivate a deactivated viewer, check mark the name in the list on the right side of the form then press the ‘Save Viewers’ button.