Owner Roster

Ownership by individuals, groups, and the entities on the ‘Company Profile’ is described on the ‘Ownership’ form. This is not a data entry form.


Opening the Ownership Form

To open the ‘Ownership’ form, open the ‘Owner Register’ from the ‘Navigation’ toolbar on the left side of the web page.

Under ‘Forms’ on the left side of the ‘Owner Register’, press the ‘Ownership’ button (see below).

The ‘Owner Roster’ will open:


Moving Between Companies’ Data

Data for a different company can be displayed by selecting a company name in the ‘View All Companies’ list to the right of the form.


Owner Roster - Layout

Current owners for the selected company are listed on the ‘Owner Roster’. The number of shares/units for each of the three types of ownership are displayed for each owner.

Enter the number of shares/units authorized, the par value for each type of ownership, and the initial capitalization for the company. Press the ‘Save Ownership Data’ button to save changes to the database. The data is automatically inserted into documents and reports.


Certificates for One Owner

To see the certificates for one owner, double click the number of shares/units in one of the three columns.

Certificates for the type of ownership that was double clicked will appear on the ‘Certificates’ form (see below).

Scroll to the right to view more.

Buttons on the ‘Certificates’ form do not operate when accessing the form from the ‘Ownership’ form.

Information for certificates that are surrendered and the certificates that replaced them are at the far right of the form.


Tools Menu

The ‘Tools’ menu on the ‘Ownership’ form opens the ‘Owner Register’ where the ‘Tools’ menu options can be selected. Owner register tools are described in the ‘Owner Register Help’ file.


Reports Menu

The ‘Reports’ menu on the ‘Ownership’ form opens the ‘Owner Register’ where the type of ownership can be selected, and reports can be created. Owner register reports are described in the ‘Owner Register Reports Help’ file.