People Profile for Reseller

Data should be entered on the ‘People Profile’ after the ‘Company Profile’ and before other forms. Company related data and most of the information on the ‘People Profile’ is used in documents and forms throughout the application.


Opening People Profile

The ‘People Profile’ can be opened from the ‘Navigation’ bar on the left side of the webpage.



Data for each person on the ‘People Profile’ is linked to the records of each company the person is associated with. ‘Associated’ means that a person is involved with a company as an officer, director, manager, owner, or the equivalent depending on the type of entity. When the name of a company is selected elsewhere in this application, only records for people associated with the selected company are accessible.


New, Delete, Save, and Navigation Buttons

These buttons are located near the top of the ‘People Profile’. The navigation buttons skip to the first, prior, next, and last record, respectively.
Create a New Record: If no records have been entered on the ‘People Profile’, the textboxes are disabled and inaccessible. To create a new record, press the ‘New’ button and textboxes will be enabled.
Delete a People Record: Press the ‘Delete’ button to delete the selected record. Deleting a person’s record will delete other data that is directly related. (It may be possible to retrieve deleted data using Client or Reseller account options.)
Save People Records: Press the ‘Save’ button and all unsaved changes will be committed to the database. A red asterisk after a label indicates the data is required. Data must be entered in required fields before a record can be saved. It is good to press the ‘Save’ button often. A security feature logs out when the mouse button has not been pressed for 30 minutes. A warning appears before the logout but, if data is not saved prior to the logout, unsaved data will be lost.

Enter People Data

The ‘State/Province’ label is underlined to indicate that clicking on the label will cause the pull-down list of states and provinces to change to a textbox where an international address can be entered. The label changes to ‘International’, and clicking it will cause the pull-down list of states and provinces to reappear.

The ‘Email Address’ label (see below) is highlighted when a valid email address is entered. Clicking the label will open an email application with the recipient’s email address in the ‘TO’ box.

The person’s social security number and phone numbers are included for quick access. They are not used elsewhere in this application and are not required.

The ‘People & Company Lists’ (see below) can be used to navigate records. Select a person’s name in the top list and the person’s record will appear to the right of the list.

When a person’s name is selected, the record for the person can be linked to company records. Check mark company names that the person is associated with. The links can be unchecked if company specific information has not been entered for the person, like meeting attendance, ownership, etc.


People Navigation List

Select the name of a person in the ‘View All People’ list to quickly move between records. The record for the selected person will appear for viewing and editing. There are sort and search options at the bottom of the list.


Report Menu

Four reports are accessible from the ‘People Profile’ menu.

Reports – Profile for Selected Person

Reports – List of All People

Reports – List of All People Ordered by Company

Reports – List of Companies Ordered by People