Reseller Setup

A reseller account on bizdoconline.net provides a business service company with the ability to create accounts for clients on bizdoconline.com.


Create Reseller Account

Open the bizdoconline.net website.

Click the ‘Registration’ button.

The message below appears. The registration form appears below this message.

Fill in the ‘Registration Form’ information. Indicate that the purpose of the message is a ‘Request for Trial Reseller Account’. Make sure that all fields are filled out with the correct information. This information will be used to verify that your are registering for an actual company.

After verification, a reseller account will be created and a user name and password will be sent to access the account. Once access is provided, return to the www.bizdoconline.net website and click the ‘Reseller Login’ button.


Create Client Account

The ‘Reseller Account’ will open. Press the ‘Add a Client Account’ button to create a new client account.

The ‘Add a Client Account’ form appears (see below).

Fill in the information (see above). The ‘Maximum Number of Companies’ on the form is the number of client companies that have common owners, officers, and directors, or their equivalent for different types of entities (referred to here as ‘personnel’). If 2 (two) is entered, two companies can be added to the ‘Company Profile’ for the client account. The two companies share ‘personnel’ and other data. If a client has two companies that do not have the same ‘personnel’, two separate client accounts should be created, each with 1 (one) entered for the ‘Maximum Number of Companies’. All company information, including their ‘personnel’, will be kept apart.

Select ‘Basic Owner Register’ for the ‘Default Owner Register Type’ when ownership is static and there is no need to keep track of owner transactions. If ownership is traded, select ‘Stock Register’, whether the companies are corporations or not. This can be changed later in the ‘Client Account’.

Select ‘Yes’ for ‘Enable View Accounts’ if the client wants to provide people with the ability to view meeting records and saved documents. A ‘viewer’ is not able to enter or change data but can view information from a computer or mobile device.

Once data is entered, press the ‘Save Data’ button to create the client account. The form will change as shown here:

When a client account is created, two email messages are generated. The first is sent to the client (see below).

The second message is sent to the reseller, so the reseller’s agent can access the client account (see below).


Manager Options

The three ‘Manager Options’ on the left side of the edit client form provide the reseller with more flexibility (see below)..The entire client account can be deactivated as well (see below).

Deactivate Client Account: Press the red ‘Deactivate Client’ button at the bottom of the edit client form (see above) to make the selected client account inaccessible. Deactivation does not immediately delete the account but only five client accounts can be deactivated before deactivating another account will cause the oldest deactivated account to be deleted. A deactivated client account that has not been deleted can be restored.
Add a Company: Press the ‘Add/Deactivate Company’ option to add a company to the ‘Company Profile’ for the client account (see below).

If the number of companies added to the client account equals the ‘Maximum # of Companies’ on the edit client form, an additional company cannot be added. The number of authorized companies must be increased first.

Deactivate a Company: Press the ‘Add/Deactivate Company’ option on the edit client form to open the add company form. On the left side of the form all of the companies for the client are listed. Click the name of the company to be deactivated (see below).

The deactivation form opens for the selected company (see below). Press the ‘Deactivate Company’ button.

Reactivate Company: After a company is deactivated it is accessible from a pull-down list on the left side of the ‘Add/Deactivate’ form (see below). To reactivate a company record, select the name of the company from the pull-down list and press the green ‘Reactivate Company’ button. The company will not reactivate if the number of active companies in the client account already equals the ‘Maximum # of Companies’ on the edit client form.


View Client Change Log

The change log can be accessed from the edit client form. Select one of the clients from the list on the left and the change log for the selected client will appear (see below). Over time the number of entries can become quite large. There are filters at the top of the form that can help reduce the number of possibilities.


Import Data

Data can be imported from a comma separated values (.csv) file for most data entry forms on the website, including the Company Profile, People Profile, Group Owners, and professional resources including: Accountant, Attorney, Bank, Broker, Realtor, and Resident Agent.
The import process is described in the ‘Import Help’ file.