Saved Documents for Reseller

Documents saved to the online database can be reopened, modified, downloaded, emailed, and saved with the same or a different name.


Opening the Saved Documents Page

The ‘Saved Documents’ form can be opened from the ‘Navigation’ bar on the left side of the web page.


Saved Documents – Overview

The ‘Saved Documents’ form contains the names of documents saved to the online database. Document titles can be sorted and filtered using the options at the top of the form (see below). Select a document title and the category, date, and even the title can be changed using the options at the bottom of the form.


Navigating Saved Documents

Select the name of a company from the ‘View All Companies’ list to the right of the form. The list of documents will change to display the document titles for the newly selected company.

Titles can be sorted using the pull-down list at the top left of the form (see below) and they can be filtered by category or a range of dates. Categories can be modified using one of the ‘Saved Documents Tools’ menu options.


Opening a Saved Document

To open a saved document, select the check box in front of a title and then press ‘Open Selected Document’ at the bottom of the list (see below).

The document will appear in HTML format (see below) so it can be viewed on a range of platforms including mobile devices. The document can be edited, and changes can be saved to the database using the ‘Save Document’ button.


Download Saved Document

The document can be downloaded to the default download location on a local computer. This is how the document will appear in PDF format.


Change Category, Date, Title

Select a name in the list of saved documents and characteristics for the document appear at the bottom left of the form (see below). These terms are used to sort and filter document titles. The terms for each document can be changed.

Select a different category, change the date, and/or the title if needed (see below). Press ‘Save Changes to Selected Document’ to commit changes to the database.


E-Mail Documents

To email documents to officers, etc., press the ‘Email Downloaded Documents’ button. The following dialog will appear. Select a category at the top and the names of those with the title or responsibility appear in the list below. All names or the names of individuals can be selected. Follow the directions provided to attach and send documents to selected group members.


Delete a Saved Document

To delete a saved document, select the title and press the ‘Delete Selected Document’ button. The document title will be removed.


Custom Documents

Use ‘Custom Documents’ in the bottom right corner of the form to enter and save external documents to the database. A letterhead, seal, or notary statement can be added to custom documents using the ‘Include’ option. Set the number of paragraphs and number of signature blocks before pressing the ‘Save Custom Document’ button.

A document template is provided for a consistent appearance (see below). Enter or copy and paste data into the document. The template is optional and can be completely replaced with the external document.

A table can be added by entering the number of columns and rows and then pressing the ‘Create Table’ button (see above). If the table needs to be moved, double click the table to select all of the cells and then cut and paste where needed.

Add a ‘Category’ and ‘Document Name’ for sorting and filtering (see above). Press the ‘Save Document’ button to commit changes to the database.


Report Menu

Three types of reports can be created from the ‘Saved Documents’ form. The reports are lists of document titles for the selected company, or for all companies organized by company or by title.

Reports – For Selected Company

Reports – For All Companies by Company

Reports – For All Companies By Document