Stock Owner Register Titles for Ownership

Owner Register Tools - Menu

The following ‘Tools’ menu is accessible from the ‘Owner Roster’. The ‘Tools’ menu on the ‘Certificates’, ‘Transactions’, and ‘Ownership’ forms open the ‘Owner Roster’ where the menu options can be selected.


Tools – Titles for Ownership

Terms used for each of the three types of ownership can be modified using this tool. Select the ‘Titles for Ownership’ option from the ‘Tools’ menu and the dialog below will open.

Select a type of entity from the pull-down list at the top of the form (see item 1 below). Titles are automatically inserted into certificates, documents, and reports and the amount of space needed for the title varies. A one letter, a short, and a long title (see item 2) are needed for each type of ownership. Checkmark the voting rights box (see item 3) if the ownership type has voting rights. The term used to measurement units of ownership can be modified (see item 4). The default identifying numbers for certificates can be numeric or alpha-numeric (see item 5).

Press the ‘Save’ button at the top of the form to commit changes to the online database.