Titles & Responsibilities Tools


Tools Menu

The ‘Tools’ menu options contain forms where default titles can be changed (described below).


Tools - Default Titles:

Default titles for each type of entity can be modified. Start by selecting the type of entity from the pull-down list near the top of the ‘Titles for Selected Entity’ form. Change both the singular and the plural versions.

When titles are inserted into documents, the context stays the same so, change a title to one that is the same role. For example, changing Secretary to something totally different, like Treasurer will invalidate a document. Press the ‘Apply’ button to commit changes before leaving the form.


Tools – Titles for Selected Company

Titles can be unique for one company. Use this form when title changes are needed for a single company. Start by selecting the name of the company near the top of the form. The company’s entity type and default titles will appear.

Only change a title to one that has the same role. The context in which a title is used remains the same. For example, changing ‘Secretary’ to something totally different will invalidate the document.