Tutorials Overview

The tutorials are separated into the following four categories


The Reseller has access to both the BizdocOnline.net site and the BizdocOnline.com site and can have multiple clients. Resellers have full editing privileges on both sites and can import data for all Client accounts serviced by that Reseller.


Each Client account has access to an account on BizdocOnline.com, while being restricted from the accounts of other clients. The Client account has full editing access on BizdocOnline.com as well as being able to import data.


Editor accounts can be created by a reseller or a client and editors have editing access to many records, but there are restrictions on some commands like reactivating records or importing data.


Viewer accounts can be created by a Reseller or Client using people associated with companies through the Titles & Responsibilities form. Viewers don't have any editing privileges and can only view meeting records and saved resolutions.


Mobile access on BizDocOnline.com allows users to view meeting records and saved resolutions from their mobile devices.