Web Resources

This form contains links to government resources, including entity related statutes.


Opening Web Resources

The ‘Web Resources’ form can be opened from the ‘Navigation’ bar on the left side of the form.



State, provincial, and territorial links are on the left. U.S. and Canadian links on the right are general interest resources.

Use the pull-down list at the top left to select a state, province, or territory.

The links that appear include the primary and ‘secretary of state’ websites as well as links to statutes for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and non-profits. They describe what governing authorities expect from those who initiate and manage government created business entities. Links to related government forms are included.

Note: We make every effort to keep these links current, but they will unavoidably become outdated. Please let us know when you find a link that no longer connects to the stated website.